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The Engrave-It™ Pro is simple to operate and designed to provide maximum versatility for engraving a broad range of items in both the lock shop and institutional environment. This unit is capable of marking keys, typical lock cylinders (including IC), padlocks, ID plates/tags, laminated plates/tags, etc.


The Engrave-It Pro lets the operator select either “diamond drag” or rotary cutter style. Using powerful engraving software (with customer supplied PC) and the operator can quickly pick from a range of common tasks or create their own custom settings. 

Accessories Included in Kit

USB Memory Stick (holds Engrave-It™ PRO software, Installation Guide, Tutorial and User Manual), two diamond tip cutters, Ethernet to USB adapter (to allow connection to machine and internet). deep vise, quick lock vise and much more. 

Key Holders

Over 100 different trays that hold from 12 to 24 key blanks (depending on specific key). Contact your Ilco distributor for details on developing a custom key holder. 

Specialty Holders

Over 40 specialty holders available for engraving on cylinders, IC cores, padlocks, pet tags, brass plates and more.

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