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The Norton® Series 78E/F Parallel Rigid Arm Potbelly Surface Closer in bronze represents a combination of traditional styling and modern closer features. All closer sizes are contained within a single size aluminum alloy shell. Templates for installing this closer are the same for all closer sizes. This is an enhanced variation of the standard parallel arm assembly that is intended for use in heavy traffic areas where auxiliary door stops are installed. This is a Non-Hold Open model. Hold open available – specify hand when ordering.

This parallel arm application provides the most appealing design appearance for a surface mounted door closer having a double lever arm. This also makes it beneficial in vandalism-prone areas. It is on the push side of the door and the arm assembly extends almost parallel to the door. In the closed position, there is very little or no hardware projecting beyond the frame face in most situations. Due to the geometry of the arm it is approximately 25% less power efficient than a regular arm application. The entire closer and arm assembly are mounted below the frame stop, requiring a top rail of 5-3/8" (137mm) to mount the body. Clearance to the bottom of the closer body from the top of the door is 7-3/8" (187mm). (Based on 5/8" (16mm) high frame stop.) Only available with non-hold open arm. 

In addition only two springs are needed to accommodate the complete range of door sizes. One clock spring is adjustable to meet the closing force requirements for closer sizes 2, 3, and 4. One other larger spring can be adjusted to meet the closing force for closer sizes 5 and 6. Both springs are powerful enough to provide an additional 50% power increase over the minimum closing force for the largest size in their range; i.e. 50% over size 4 and 50% over size 6.

These Norton Traditional Surface Closers have an unusual ability to accommodate power adjustment to their environment. The adjustable clock coil spring provides a small incremental increase or decrease through a wide range of closer power. They can be adjusted to meet the exact power requirements of the installation. Sweep speed, latch speed and backcheck cushioning can also be adjusted to door, frame and variable conditions.

Aluminum Alloy Shell:

Closer shells are constructed of a special aluminum alloy, carefully selected to accommodate individual closer characteristics and operating conditions.

Adjustable Spring Power:

Clock-type coil spring affords a wide range of closer power. Permits a fine adjustment of the closer to the environment.

Rack & Pinion Operation:

Provides a smooth transmission of power for control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle.

Adjustable Sweep/Latch Speed:

A dual purpose regulating valve, hex-key operated, permits independent adjustment of both sweep and latch speed.

Adjustable Backcheck Cushioning:

An independent regulating valve, hex-key operated, provides an adjustable hydraulic cushion to the door opening speed toward the end of the opening cycle. This feature is standard with all but delayed action closers. Backcheck is not available with delayed action closers.

Non-Hold Open Arm:

Standard closer will be supplied with a non-hold open arm. This arm is non-handed (field reversible).

Hold Open Arm:

Available with heavy-duty arms (Parallel Rigid and Unitrol)


Limited ten-year warranty for defects and life of the building on the aluminum housing.

Field Reversible:

Closer spring can be field-reversed to accommodate the hand of the door. It is recommended that wherever possible the closer be ordered handed. Parallel hold open arms and delayed action closers are not reversible.

Spring Power:

Choice of adjustable spring power: B/D - Spring size 2, 3, or 4 and E/F - Spring size 5 and 6

Recommended for interior doors including: Apartments - Hotels - Light duty commercial buildings 

Features of the Norton® Series 78-E/F Potbelly Surface Closers :

  • Choice of adjustable spring power – E/F - Spring size 5 and 6

  • Color: Bronze
  • Handed (closer spring can be reversed in the field)

  • Non-Hold Open
  • Brackets for Non-Hold Open Regular Arm - *No charge when ordering with closer (PLEASE SEE CATALOG FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING BRACKETS):

          - *Molded/Bull Nose Trim - 2403B Bracket Click Here for Template

          - *Molded/Bull Nose Trim - 2403 3/4 Bracket - Click Here for Template

          - Molded/Bull Nose Trim - 80 Bracket

          - Soffit Bracket - 1 B/F

          - Corner Brackets - 2 B/F and 5 B/F

          - Adjustable Bracket - 6 B/F

          - Offset Adjustable Bracket - 7 B/F

          - Combination Bracket - 8 B/F

          - Adapter Plates - 9 B, 9 B/C, and 9 E/F

  • Heavy-duty arms available: Parallel Rigid and Unitrol®

  • 10-year limited warranty

  • UL / cUL listed for use on fire rated doors
  • UL10C listed for positive pressure fire test
  • This product is manufactured in an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 facility
  • Listed by the New York City Materials and Equipment Acceptance Division





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