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Product Details

The Master Lock Bluetooth® Pro Series® Padlock features a 2-7/16in (62mm) wide metal body for durability and security. The 11/32in (9mm) diameter shackle offers 1-3/8in (34mm) vertical clearance and is made of boron alloy, offering maximum resistance to cutting and sawing. Weather cover provides enhanced resistance to perform in snow, rain and temperature extremes. The Master Lock Vault Enterprise system is designed to support Many Locks and Many Users with unmatched security, simplicity and accountability. Administrators control individual or system-wide lock access with our convenient web interface, while users enjoy simple, secure access to assigned locks or lock boxes.

Product Features

  • Includes Master Lock Vault Enterprise IOS and Android app, and web interface, designed for business applications working with many locks and many users.
  • Use your smartphone to open and manage your lock with the Master Lock Vault Enterprise app.
  • Backup access using numeric code on lock keypad.
  • No keys to lose, no combinations to forget. No unauthorized key duplication.
  • Share access with others - temporary or permanent.
  • Easily monitor access with robust data and audit trails.
  • Low battery notification & reminder on padlock and in app.
  • Comes with easy to replace CR123A battery.

Product Specifications

  • Lock Body Width: 2-7/16" (62mm) 
  • Shackle Dimensions: Length: 1-3/8" (34mm), Width: 1" (23mm), Diameter: 11/32" (9mm)
  • Color: Silver and Black






Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Can I unlock the padlock without the app?


A: The app is only required when you want to use your Bluetooth Smart-enabled device to unlock the lock. The lock can be unlocked without the app by entering the Primary Code, the current Temporary Code or the Backup Master Code on the lock keypad.


Q: Are these locks susceptible to Bluetooth "hacking"?


A: Master Lock utilizes Bluetooth Smart technology to facilitate wireless communication between locks and mobile devices. These locks and lock boxes are designed in a way that prevents the threat of Bluetooth hacking that exists with some other Bluetooth products. To provide leading-edge security, we employ robust, military-grade authentication and encryption mechanisms built upon proven, NIST recommended and FIPS Approved algorithms to deter sniffing, replay and manipulation attempts that Bluetooth technology has been associated with. These mechanisms are regularly audited by independent security professionals.


Q: How do I download the App? 


A: There are two Master Lock Vault Apps, eLocks version and Enterprise version, please make sure you download the correct version.

Download on the Apple App Store Android App on Google Play

Compatible Devices

The Bluetooth® locks are designed to work with devices that are built to Bluetooth® v4.0 (or higher) specifications and implement the capability to communicate with Bluetooth® peripherals. iOS and Android platforms are currently supported.

iOS Version: 10 or later. Device: 6 or later.
Android Version: 5 or later. Device: Various.
Web Management: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Edge).

You can determine your device's OS version in your phone's settings.


Q: What if my phone battery dies?


A: If the phone battery dies, the lock or lock box can be unlocked by entering the Primary Code, the current Temporary Code or the Backup Master Code on the lock keypad.


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