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Master Lock Model 1636MKADA, ADA Compliant built in combination lock for lockers with handles and automatic locking rods. Locking bolt moves vertically, door hinges on the right.

Three ways to open lock: student key for ADA users (opens 1 lock), master key for supervisors (opens all 1636/1676 locks in your system), and combination for use like other combo locks in your system.

NEW! Click here to view a student training video for the Master Lock 1636MKADA.

Administrators - Click here to view a video on the combination change procedure for all built-in combination lock models.

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   Do you have an existing Master Lock locker lock system in your school?

Exclusive Features
  • Comes with two Student keys with ADA Compliant key head covers
  • Vertical travel locking bolt engages lift handle locker mechanism
  • Convenient, automatic locking
  • Fits all lift handle lockers
Built-in Combination Lock Advantages
  • Concealed mounting and rugged steel case deter vandalism
  • Secure, three digit combination is to dial
  • Longer useful life with five different combinations - easily changed with the touch of a button, which maintains security for new students or employees
  • Master key control allows quick supervisory access
  • End user registration and control charts provided to secure and simplify administration

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